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There is now more choice than ever with battery electric vehicles capable of going over 300 miles before re-charging, or what about a self-charging hybrid if you are looking to replace a diesel, or perhaps a plug-in hybrid if you want the savings of electric but don't want any "range-anxiety"?

Battery Electric power

A pure electric vehicle is the least expensive to run but will cost more to purchase as it has the largest battery pack, usually 50-80 kwh giving a range up 220-300 miles for the most powerful models.

Inexpensive to fuel and service and with huge company car benefits the BEV is smooth and quiet to drive.

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Plug-in Hybrid power

A large battery pack (10-14kwh) provides the option to charge direct from a mains plug or fast charger usually giving 25-40 miles of pure electric range, great for those doing a short commute.


Combine this with a conventional engine to power you on for another 300-350 miles so no range-anxiety offering the best of both worlds.

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Self-charging Hybrid power

A mid-sized battery pack (1.5-3kwh) means that you get the features of a MHEV plus the ability to travel on full electric for a mile or two. The engine powers the battery which in turn drives the wheel motors.

The HEV is a good alternative to a diesel engine as it offers great fuel economy for those driving higher mileages.

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Mild Hybrid power

All the features of an internal combustion engine car, a mild hybrid adds a small battery pack (<1kwh) plus features such as regenerative braking, utilising this saved power to boost acceleration. 

Priced only slightly higher than an ICE car they offer improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

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Petrol or Diesel power

Conventional petrol or diesel is often the most affordable to buy but is likely to emit the most carbon dioxide.

Recent models feature fuel saving features such as auto Stop/Start, cylinder deactivation and variable valve control as well as emissions limiting devices such as closed catalytic converters.

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We have been selling new cars for as long as anyone can remember. We have represented various franchises over the years and are happy to be able to offer the latest range of state-of-the-art cars from Kia.


The Future of Kia Electric Vehicles

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